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About Us

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Governments have pioneered some of the greatest innovations in modern history. Driven by entrepreneurial and visionary leadership, national, regional and city governments are capable of amazing things. But often they struggle to find the space and time to invest in the future. Smart political leadership recognises as much and puts in place the dedicated structures and capabilities that enable innovation to happen. These are the i-teams: the innovation teams, units and funds that are helping transform governments around the world.

About i-teams

i-teams is a resource to help city, regional and national governments learn from the new methods, practices and approaches being developed around the world. i-teams is based on research by Nesta and Bloomberg Philanthropies that explored in-depth twenty government innovation teams, units and funds across six continents. We have analysed the new practices being developed and implemented, along with their successes and their limitations.

As well as drawing on the twenty i-teams featured in the report, we want to highlight other i-teams and create a living map for governments around the world to learn from. We will be regularly adding i-teams to this site, as well as providing updates and news from the field, details of events where you can connect and network, and publishing blogs and articles from leaders in the field, so do keep checking back.