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“A new governance model to transform the relationship between government and society to strengthen democracy.” 

Open Government Partnership

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Location in government

National government

Where it is based

Mexico City, Mexico

Mission statement

“We explore how digital tools can enable the design of an open, fair, competitive, and inclusive Mexico. A Mexico where the government can become a platform for innovation and boost the creation of new enterprises and organisations that address key public challenges.”

Annual spend

Not known for Open Mexico (however the unit they are based within, Coordinación de Estrategia Digital Nacional, receives £1.2m from government (2014/15)1)

Size of team


Example of impact

Open Mexico is developing the Open Dashboard,2 a platform to solicit discussion amongst citizens and to communicate the government’s progress implementing the strategy.

The Mexican Government has embarked on a strategy to advance the use of digital technology. The five-year Estrategia Digital Nacional (National Digital Strategy) aims for new technologies to open up information for government and citizens, helping to create better public services, promote economic growth, foster social inclusion and combat corruption. Open Mexico is a dedicated unit within the strategy team, with 15 staff members focusing exclusively on civic engagement and the development of the open data strategy.

What it does

To work towards their goal of creating better public services and to decentralise and foster links to local government and citizens, the Open Mexico team work collaboratively between government, external experts, citizens and entrepreneurs.

Open Mexico is currently developing several projects, including:

  • The Open Dashboard was created to engage citizens and help increase government accountability. The Open Dashboard will be publicly available online and will continually monitor and track progress across government and then communicate impacts directly to citizens.
  • The Data Squads  are teams of specialists dedicated to opening up government data
  • Reconstruccion MX,3 an online platform that links up national and state government to address areas affected by national disasters
  • Agentes de Innovación Nacional programme works with five innovation champions recruited from across the government who generate new ideas and encourage innovation across government
Interesting features
  • Methods:  Open Mexico has established a number of interesting methods to help foster collaboration and engagement between government and external experts, citizens and entrepreneurs, such as through the Data Squads providing the necessary external expertise on specific projects.

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  1. Coordination of National Digital Strategy is an area of recent creation, with budget allocation from this year. There is no specific allocation for team Open Mexico. According to the Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2014, National Digital Strategy Coordination is assigned a total expenditure of 25,849,136 pesos. Of which 12,925,238 pesos are “personal service”, 12,900,891 pesos for “operating expenses” and to 23,007 pesos in “other current”. Confirmed via email with Nesta, 1 May 2014. Available online: [Last accessed 9 June 2014] We have converted this as $0.0456568* as of 21/01/2013, taken from
  2. The Open Dashboard will be available online during 2014:
  3. For further details on Reconstruccion MX see

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