Social Investment and Finance Team

Location in government

Central government

Mission statement

To grow the UK social investment market.

Annual spend

£10-20 million

Size of team


The Social Investment and Finance Team (SIFT) is part of the Government Innovation Group based in the UK Cabinet Office and aims to drive change inside and outside of government.

What it does

SIFT was established in 2012 and has staff drawn from across government and the private and social sectors. The team also hosts a number of international secondees. 

SIFT’s main focus has been on market-building. This has involved creating a social investment bank, a social investment tax relief, and a cross-government outcomes funds. In addition, they’ve created the social investment trade association, as well as a market research council.

The Centre tries to address complex social issues. Its latest project is a fund involving six government departments to improve the prospects of vulnerable young people.  



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