UK Government Innovation Group

Location in government

Central government

Mission statement

Acting as the UK government’s internal innovation hub to pull in the best new tools and techniques into the government mainstream, and activating businesses, charities and individuals to bring about social innovation.

Size of team


The Government Innovation Group is based in the UK Cabinet Office and aims to bring new innovative tools and techniques into government, and to drive social innovation.

What it does

The Government Innovation Group states that disrupting and challenging the status quo is a common feature across their work. Two examples of projects include:

The Social Action Team are working with the Department for Health voluntary partners to scale up and test the effectiveness of social action programmes to reduce pressures on hospitals. This works aims to understand how to reduce Accident and Emergency (A&E) attendance, unplanned admissions, delayed discharges, and readmissions to hospital, to help inform the forthcoming Better Care Fund and the elderly support plan, No Left Alone.

The Open Policy Team aims to increase the use of innovation tools in government, and to foster collaboration between government and external audiences. At an event in January 2014, they introduced senior civil servants to techniques such as data science, social listening, ethnographic research and design methods, and challenged them to come back in 100 days with plans to transform the way policy was delivered in their departments.



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